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CHALICE Partners

A chalice is a cup of blessing in the context of communion in the Christian faith and is a powerful symbol of the giving and receiving of grace. So, it is fitting that at United Church Homes we consider the relationships between individuals, congregations and our communities to be CHALICE Partners because through our relationships we give and receive support, understanding and grace as we share in ministry with older adults.

C H A L I C E also gives a framework for the areas in which UCH is committed to supporting ministry that transforms aging:



This is the desire to ease the burdens of older adults, to share with, advocate for and empower them in order that they might know the fullness love as long as life endures.

How is Christ calling us to compassionate care with older adults?


The health-span of individuals has increased in the last century.

How can we support healthy choices as individuals, advocate for the systems that support health networks and policies in our society and accompany those who are faced with significant health challenges both physically and mentally that come with advanced years?


We live in a culture that devalues the worth of age.

How can we provide alternative ways of seeing those who are aging and better understand the increased longevity in the 21st century and the implications for our communities?


There is much to learn about aging. There is also significant evidence of the benefits of life long-learning as we age.

What are the findings from those doing research and study about aging that can benefit and shape ministry?

What are the subjects that our aging partners would like to learn?


No matter who you are, where you’ve been or how long you have been on the journey, God is still speaking and creating within us.

What are the lessons that older adults have to teach the younger generations and how are we nurturing and empowering their journeys?


Aging is not a solo act. Community is the antidote to isolation and loneliness.

What are the opportunities for ministry with the older members of our community that help to meet their needs and encourage their participation?


Understanding the grounding principles that influence actions can be challenging particularly when talking about options about the way we live at the end of life.

How can we have conversations with loved ones about our individual wishes and desires?

The ministry of United Church homes which began in five Toledo congregations and which has been sustained by a century of support from churches, understands the blessings and responsibility that has been entrusted to us. We also have the desire to find ways to share the blessing as we support and encourage relationships with and ministry of congregations whose members are aging in their own homes.   It is this sharing of the cup of blessing, that claims us as CHALICE partners.

For more information about the ways in which we can bless each other, please contact Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, Executive Director, Ruth Parker Center for Abundant Aging at (740-361-3354) or the chaplain at the UCH community nearest you.


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