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A New Kind of House Church

There are 40 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. today, according to a recent report from the Bipartisan Policy Center. Fifty percent of the current paid workforce will need to provide caregiving for a loved one in the next five years. What are the implications for your congregation?

Source: A New Kind of House Church | Vital Signs and Statistics

Self-perceptions about Aging Matter

When a person believes that aging is a negative process, it negatively affects their self-concept, performance, health and how long they live. We need to live as if we’re ageless.

Source: Self-perceptions about Aging Matter | Vital Signs and Statistics

Do Clergy Increase End-of-life Costs of Care?

When a loved one is challenged with a significant health crisis we request prayers for healing—just listen to the prayer requests on Sunday mornings. We want those who are struggling with health is…

Source: Do Clergy Increase End-of-life Costs of Care? | Vital Signs and Statistics

Elder Orphans

It may not be something to which anyone aspires, but it is a very real and growing concern: Elder orphans. An elder orphan is defined as “aged, community-dwelling individuals who are socially and/o…

Source: Elder Orphans | Vital Signs and Statistics

What is the Faith-based Non-Profit Difference?

There we were. In the parlor of the church all sitting around the room for an informal conversation in which I had been invited to share about the ministry of United Church Homes, one of the 73 organizations that is a covenanted member of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries of…

Source: What is the Faith-based Non-Profit Difference? | Vital Signs and Statistics

Retirement or Inspirement

I was surprised when I heard a conference staff person reflect that upwards of 80% of the conflicted churches with whom they were invited to help facilitate resolutions involved a retired clergy wh…

Source: Retirement or Inspirement | Vital Signs and Statistics

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