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Coco, Death and Memory

Disney/Pixar released Coco in theaters in 2017. While the vibrant colors and vivid images on the screen and beautiful and typical of Disney/Pixar works, the film’s important lessons and perspectives around death and memory work to highlight familiar and unfamiliar understandings of death and family. Disney/Pixar’s Coco follows Miguel, a boy around 12, who has a forbidden passion for music, based on...

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Good Death

Good death. Isn’t that an oxymoron? Can death ever be good? When I asked a fellow pastor, he said, “Absolutely not. Death is the opposite of life; it’s an enemy.” That’s true. When my grandmother went into the hospital for a routine procedure on her heart, the doctor accidently pierced her heart. Afterward, she had a stroke, so my family...

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Loving Life, Loving Funerals: The Faithfulness of Dying Well

The Strangeness of Loving Funerals

A friend of mine who serves as a church musician attended a memorial service recently and following the event, offered reflections that needed something of a disclaimer. “I hope this doesn’t come across wrong,” he wrote, “but I really love funerals.” I love funerals, too; leading funeral services is one of the great privileges of...

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The Value of Palliative Care

Aging takes courage and challenges individuals to identify their own values, define priorities and discern the best path through life from a body, mind and spiritual perspective. Our bodies are of great value because they are the vehicle that transports us through life. A healthy body allows for greater flexibility in discerning quality of life choices from housing options to...

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An Engaged Way of Life

I recently attended an event at The Ohio State University at Marion that focused on The Presidency and the Press. Because Marion is the late president Warren G. Harding’s hometown, the university hosts an annual convocation on a topic of relevance to American history and politics. One of the featured speakers this year was Ms. Maggie Haberman, the New York...

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Moving: Residents’ Reflections

Two to three times a week during lunch, I walk around the dining room at Parkvue Place and chat with our residents. I recently took an informal survey, asking our residents to offer their insights about the joys and challenges of moving to Parkvue Place. I asked three questions to create a framework for discussion: 1) what factors...

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Worship for Those Living with Dementia Brings Abundant Life

Mr. Mason was actively involved in his church community. He attended worship and Bible study regularly. If there was an event at the church, Mr. Mason was there. He assisted in many ways. His church community was important to him and had been since he was a child. When Mr. Mason was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he continued to be...

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How Can We Keep From Singing?

“We learn our religion through music earlier than we learn it through reading texts. … In his Jewish upbringing, Peter recalled, ‘I learned the Kaddish … long before I knew their purpose specifically and what the words meant. Anyone who hears the notes of the traditional form of that prayer has an immediate emotional response to it: four notes of...

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Say What?: Old

At what age are we actually considered old? Many of us spend years saving for retirement. We plan for the golden years. Conversations about retirement may start in early adulthood as you begin investing for the future in a 401K. Because we often consider the golden years to start after one retires, many consider age 65 and over as …...

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Diversity in Wholeness

Honoring the United Church Homes mission to transform Aging by building a culture of community, wholeness and peace has challenged me to reflect upon our residents’ diverse understanding of what constitutes the meaning of wholeness within their lives. Some people may identify the role of family and friends, while others find a deeper meaning in their faith. Others listen...

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2017 Community Benefits Report

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October 01, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

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