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Aging Hero: Lottie Allen, Graceful One

When I grow up, I want to be like Lottie Allen. Lottie Allen was a resident at United Church Homes' Pilgrim Manor. Lottie moved into our health center when she was 91. Until that point, she was feisty, independent and living alone. However, as her dementia progressed, she had difficulty taking her medications and handling day-to-day life on her...

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Aging Hero: Mr. Rogers

“I’ve always felt that I didn’t need to put on a funny hat or jump through the hoop to have a relationship with a child.” - Rev. Fred Rogers
Few things as of late have filled me with more anticipation than seeing the trailer for the new Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My...

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Essentials of Aging Heroes

Aging heroes are those who go ahead of us. They include the increasing number of elders who are actively engaged in society. One common attribute of aging heroes is they make a difference by sharing their expertise and life experiences with others. We have invited our blog contributors to look around their communities, their families and friends and share those...

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Say What? Neighborhood

I grew up in a rural neighborhood in Wayne County. It was the place where I rode my bicycle in the summer, took walks with my dogs and family and played with other children and my siblings. While in junior high school, I won an opportunity to fly in a small plane with a teacher who was also a pilot....

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Aging Hero: Paul Kiewit

In this time of year, between observing days for mothers and fathers, Abundant Aging bloggers are enjoying the exercise of reflecting about the lives of individuals who have aged ahead of us. We have even gone as far in our tributes to name them "aging heroes." I recently had the opportunity to help lift up one of my aging...

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Curious Nature of Aging

As we reflect on some of our aging heroes in these weeks in May and June, I am aware that one of the traits of the people on my list have a common thread: they are all curious. They include individuals who like to continue to learn and try new things and wonder about other people and cultures and...

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Shirley: An Aging Hero

How we think about our aging selves has significant consequences on our health and how we actually age. In a recent “Aging Unmasked” podcast from LeadingAge, Dr. Tracey Gendron, associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, suggests that one of ways we can positively influence our aging process is to think about what “elderhood” should look like. One way to do...

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Memories of a Dear Friend

Remembrances and tributes shared this week after the death of Barbara Bush reminded me of the inspiration, support and blessings that I have received on my own life journey. Reflecting on those who have made a difference in my life, I give thanks for my dear friend, Adell M. Kleinecke.

The Legacy of Adell Kleinecke

Adell was born in...

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In or Out? Giving Voice to LGBTQ Older Adults

Movie Follows LGBTQ Older Adults Deciding Whether to Be Open About Their Sexualities

COLUMBUS — As the total population of people age 65 and older increases throughout the U.S. and Ohio, the cohort of LGBTQ older adults is expanding rapidly. Research has found these older adults experience unique social, health and economic disparities, as documented in “Generations,” the Journal of...

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Say What? Dining Services

“Dinner’s ready” is a simple phrase that embraces a powerful invitation to celebrate the central formative nature of our relationships. This time of breaking bread and sharing the cup has created opportunities throughout history and our lifespans to strengthen family and community connections, share the gift of time and develop a sense of belonging. This dinner tradition stimulates conversation around...

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