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Humble Heroes: Thumbs Up for AARP’s 2018 Movies for Grownups Award Winner ‘Dunkirk’

In the past, I didn't consider myself a war movie enthusiast. But that was before I became a chaplain in a retirement community where I host a monthly veteran’s group. Most of the veterans served during World War II. Each time a new veteran joins the group, each one shares some of their own war experiences. As they told...

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Giving Voice to LGBTQ Older Adults Conference

Gen Silent conference set for April 14

COLUMBUS — Ohio groups advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) older adults are joining efforts for the Columbus premier of Gen Silent, a film that explores the unique challenges faced by LGBT seniors as they navigate healthcare and housing needs, at North Congregational UCC. The documentary by award-winning director and...

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Wow! The Spirituality of Wonder

I was driving home last week and was awestruck by a winter sunset. My breath hitched and I gasped, “Wow!” as my eyes traced the purple, orange and pink clouds swirling in an intricate dance. For a few minutes, my mind quieted from review of the day, plans for dinner and the latest divisive and adversarial talk coming from Washington,...

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Transformative Connection

Building connections with others is essential to our quality of life. Each connection creates a window into the world that allows us to broaden our individual perspective. It is interesting to reflect upon all the ways that we connect within creation.
Consider the power of technology. Every time we turn on a light or charge our phones, tablets or computers,...

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Updating the Holy Family Portraits

I recently cleaned off the front of our refrigerator where we keep the yearly family portraits that come in Christmas cards. You know: The school portraits from nieces and nephews, the family pictures of cherished friends as they posed at their favorite vacation spot and the printed group portraits that have been made into official Christmas greetings with the family...

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Tax Reform Needs Response Now

Tax reform is on a fast track for a vote before Christmas. There are many details in the House and Senate versions to be reconciled. Four major proposals could potentially affect the ministry of United Church Homes and the lives of older adults:
  1. Elimination of medical expense deduction on Schedule A. Many of our residents rely on this offset to their bills...

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People We Lean On

Is thanksgiving only a day? Just one week after Thanksgiving, Christmas lights, Christmas lists and Christmas music are here. But thanksgiving is not only a day. Instead, thanksgiving can help us grow spiritually, communally and personally. It brings a heightened understanding of the importance of the people we lean on. This past month, I used Rev. Laura Stephens-Reed's November...

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LGBT Aging: Rooted in Compassion, Respect

Most people assume that LGBT people are young. Rarely do we think about those whose lifetimes have been lived in and out of secrecy trying to conform to society’s norms. LGBT aging is a concern for millions of people and the issue will only grow. It is estimated there are approximately 2.7 million LGBT adults age 50 and older in...

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Intergenerational Interaction: A Blessing

This is the first blog in the November series highlighting topics related to Thanksgiving. A few years ago, Rev. Beth Long Higgins, executive director of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, wrote a Bible study entitled Transforming Aging. The Bible study is meant for use by congregations as a conversation starter on the topic of aging. It...

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Wonder of Life

I just walked outside into our central courtyard at Pilgrim Manor, a retirement community in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and joined community members soaking up the warm rays of the fall sun. I cannot believe the leaves are already falling, smelling of spicy earthiness, with deep hints of life. It is strange that dead leaves smell like life, but they...

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2017 Annual Symposium

Abundant Aging in the 21st Century

Thank you for joining us October 20, 2017, for the interdisciplinary conversation incorporating current research and everyday experience to help transform the thinking of individuals, communities and the wider society with keynote speaker, Dr. Laura Carstensen.

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