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The Joy of Meaning and Purpose

Aging is a gift. The new year invites us to celebrate the blessing of a new year, reflect upon life’s possibilities and experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. This opportunity also includes challenges. Making time to reflect upon blessings allows one to look beyond age-related complications to fully open one’s mind, body and spirit to possibilities.

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Hope Begins Advent Journey

As the days grow shorter, it is an ancient practice to ground the journey toward the divine in hope. The Christian church marks the beginning of the church year with the first Sunday in the season of Advent. Christians mark the four-week journey that begins this coming Sunday by lighting a weekly candle. Additional candles...

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Compassionately Embracing Abundant Life

Today's blog is the first of several in a series of reflections on the 2018 Annual Symposium of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging. Dr. Ira Byock was the keynote speaker. He is the founder and chief medical officer of the Providence Institute for Human Caring. Ira has developed an enhanced “new normal” in whole-person compassionate care.


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The Value of Palliative Care

Aging takes courage and challenges individuals to identify their own values, define priorities and discern the best path through life from a body, mind and spiritual perspective. Our bodies are of great value because they are the vehicle that transports us through life. A healthy body allows for greater flexibility in discerning quality of life choices from housing options to...

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Moving: Residents’ Reflections

Two to three times a week during lunch, I walk around the dining room at Parkvue Place and chat with our residents. I recently took an informal survey, asking our residents to offer their insights about the joys and challenges of moving to Parkvue Place. I asked three questions to create a framework for discussion: 1) what factors...

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A Life of Comfort

Every morning, people wake up and welcome their new day with a uniquely individualized morning routine that provides a sense of well-being, predictability and comfort. How do you begin your day? Are you a person who immediately reaches for a fresh cup of coffee, offers a prayer, spends a few minutes in quiet meditation or do you run out the...

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Diversity in Wholeness

Honoring the United Church Homes mission to transform Aging by building a culture of community, wholeness and peace has challenged me to reflect upon our residents’ diverse understanding of what constitutes the meaning of wholeness within their lives. Some people may identify the role of family and friends, while others find a deeper meaning in their faith. Others listen...

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Essentials of Aging Heroes

Aging heroes are those who go ahead of us. They include the increasing number of elders who are actively engaged in society. One common attribute of aging heroes is they make a difference by sharing their expertise and life experiences with others. We have invited our blog contributors to look around their communities, their families and friends and share those...

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Memories of a Dear Friend

Remembrances and tributes shared this week after the death of Barbara Bush reminded me of the inspiration, support and blessings that I have received on my own life journey. Reflecting on those who have made a difference in my life, I give thanks for my dear friend, Adell M. Kleinecke.

The Legacy of Adell Kleinecke

Adell was born in...

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Say What? Dining Services

“Dinner’s ready” is a simple phrase that embraces a powerful invitation to celebrate the central formative nature of our relationships. This time of breaking bread and sharing the cup has created opportunities throughout history and our lifespans to strengthen family and community connections, share the gift of time and develop a sense of belonging. This dinner tradition stimulates conversation around...

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2017 Community Benefits Report

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Comprehensive Campaign for Abundant Life

Learn more about the historic effort to raise $20 million over five years through the Comprehensive Campaign for Abundant Life at United Church Homes.

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