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Technology and Aging

Technology and aging are not usually things that people think about in the same sentence. And yet, technology is already drastically improving the lives of many older adults, helping them connect with others, improve their health and find ways to participate in life. To be clear, technology, as per the Oxford Dictionary is the “application of scientific knowledge for...

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There are signs and markers of summer everywhere these days. For some, school begins just days away. For others, vacation is still ahead. And for many, the routines of work life make the heat of the day obsolete. As themes were suggested for this August blog series, Gershwin’s Summertime  wormed it’s way into the conversation. One of the most...

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Medication Matters

Medication Matters
Medication is the last blog in this series about What Matters Most for your healthcare. Inspired by an article from NextAvenue, this post rounds out the 4 Ms: What Matters, Mentation, Mobility and Medication. These are a part of the Age Friendly Health Systems initiative. So, what about medication? Advances in medications are a part of...

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Mobility Matters

Mobility matters. We may live in a mobile culture, but being mobile — navigating the space around us — is more fundamental. This navigation began from the time we rolled, skootched, crawled and walked away from our parent’s arms as young children. Once we master walking or skootching or crawling or even rolling with wheeled devices, we gain confidence and...

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Community of Friends

Community is a core concept that we value deeply at United Church Homes. When the Board, staff and residents gathered in 2015 to articulate a new vision, mission and values for the organization, community was mentioned a lot! In the final versions, it remained in our vision — United Church Homes: Where the Spirit creates abundant life in community. It...

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Signs of New Life

We moved to a new city last fall. My fall and winter attention focused on getting the inside of the house in order. We knew that we would focus on the yard and outside projects in the spring. With our list of projects complete for the first months in our home, the winter seemed to linger past February, well into...

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Rest. What Rest?

What do death, sleep, music, sabbath and pauses from physical and mental exertion have in common? A simple four-letter word: Rest. Recently, my spouse and I heard the Columbus Symphony perform Mozart’s Requiem. As I read the translation of the words I was surprised to realize that “requiem” means “rest.” Driving home, I had Dave Google this...

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It is an art to be able to ask questions. It is also a spiritual discipline. Sometimes, one question will lead to another because curiosity is generated and the desire to learn is ignited. We ask questions to gain permission and find out information, directions and clarification. We ask to encourage conversation, gain insight and receive help.  One question can...

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Older Advocates

Advocacy is not often a word that we associate with people who are older. It usually brings to mind a specific cause, a specific historical moment or even specific political "leanings." The word has its roots in Middle English advocacie, meaning intercession. This concept came from the Anglo-French advocassie  

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Narratives on Aging

What is your narrative about your own aging process? We don't just start to form narratives about our aging after we have experienced decades of life. It is really a life-long pursuit. It just becomes more pronounced as the years of experience accumulate in the past. Age presents challenges as we learn to navigate the changing world from our changing...

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