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To Move or Not to Move? When is the Question!

Moving is not fun. It is exhausting to go through all your worldly belongings. It is stressful to meet the deadline for the truck backing up to the door. Saying good-bye to the community that has been your support and your home is emotionally draining. It can be stressful making all the arrangements, financial and otherwise. I don’t know anyone...

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People First: Residents Living with Dementia

I have attention deficit disorder and high blood pressure. I do not want people to introduce me as an ADD and high blood pressure chaplain. My mother developed vascular dementia due to cardiac problems following surgery. I do not want people to refer to my mom as a dementia person. We all have symptoms, disorders, even diseases, but they don’t...

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Worship for Those Living with Dementia Brings Abundant Life

Mr. Mason was actively involved in his church community. He attended worship and Bible study regularly. If there was an event at the church, Mr. Mason was there. He assisted in many ways. His church community was important to him and had been since he was a child. When Mr. Mason was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he continued to be...

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How Can We Keep From Singing?

“We learn our religion through music earlier than we learn it through reading texts. … In his Jewish upbringing, Peter recalled, ‘I learned the Kaddish … long before I knew their purpose specifically and what the words meant. Anyone who hears the notes of the traditional form of that prayer has an immediate emotional response to it: four notes of...

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Say What?: Old

At what age are we actually considered old? Many of us spend years saving for retirement. We plan for the golden years. Conversations about retirement may start in early adulthood as you begin investing for the future in a 401K. Because we often consider the golden years to start after one retires, many consider age 65 and over as …...

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Diversity in Wholeness

Honoring the United Church Homes mission to transform Aging by building a culture of community, wholeness and peace has challenged me to reflect upon our residents’ diverse understanding of what constitutes the meaning of wholeness within their lives. Some people may identify the role of family and friends, while others find a deeper meaning in their faith. Others listen or...

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There is an assumption in the larger culture that patriotism has one meaning, is expressed in a unified way and is a non-negotiable norm within our culture. Anyone who doesn’t express their patriotism in the current acceptable cultural behaviors is suspected of being unpatriotic. Like everything else, our life experiences and the larger social context in which we live influence...

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Abundance as Antidote to Depression

A large portion of the nation’s older adults will face depression and loneliness, and despite common misperceptions, mental health conditions are not a normal part of aging nor are they a character flaw. Depression affects more than 6.5 million Americans aged 65 and older or one in five Americans of any age, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Stigma...

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Aging Hero: Lottie Allen, Graceful One

When I grow up, I want to be like Lottie Allen. Lottie Allen was a resident at United Church Homes' Pilgrim Manor. Lottie moved into our health center when she was 91. Until that point, she was feisty, independent and living alone. However, as her dementia progressed, she had difficulty taking her medications and handling day-to-day life on her own....

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Dad: My First Aging Hero

Growing up, I always knew that I was different from my friends. My parents were quite a bit older than most of theirs. In fact, my dad was 57 and my mother 40 when I was born. My dad would tell a story about sitting in the labor and delivery waiting room with all the young fathers-to-be. Someone apparently asked...

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2017 Community Benefits Report

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Abundant Aging through the End of Life

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Comprehensive Campaign for Abundant Life

Learn more about the historic effort to raise $20 million over five years through the Comprehensive Campaign for Abundant Life at United Church Homes.

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