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Slowing Down: A Spiritual Practice

It threw me for a loop when I first read Richard Morgan’s claim that the relatively slow pace of life in his 80s has been a great spiritual gift. Instinctively, I was skeptical that slowing down can be a good thing. I conjured all the memories I could of times I had been forced to slow down. There was the...

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Wow! The Spirituality of Wonder

I was driving home last week and was awestruck by a winter sunset. My breath hitched and I gasped, “Wow!” as my eyes traced the purple, orange and pink clouds swirling in an intricate dance. For a few minutes, my mind quieted from review of the day, plans for dinner and the latest divisive and adversarial talk coming from Washington,...

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The Spiritual Practice of Creativity

In her article Top 10 Spiritual Practices for Older Adults Living at Retirement or Long-Term Care Communities, Nancy Gordon notes, “For many, spirituality is the core of who they are and their way of being in the world.” She goes on to discuss “spiritual practices that can deepen our awareness of the essential spiritual part of life and provide frameworks for...

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Transformative Connection

Building connections with others is essential to our quality of life. Each connection creates a window into the world that allows us to broaden our individual perspective. It is interesting to reflect upon all the ways that we connect within creation. Consider the power of technology. Every time we turn on a light or charge our phones, tablets or computers,...

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Just Keep Moving: Exercise as a Spiritual Practice

Do you remember Virginia McLaurin, the 106-year-old woman who danced with joy while meeting President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama? It was surely one of the more memorable personal moments recorded during the Obama presidency. Virginia smiles, dances and scurries across the Oval Office with an energy most people are surprised to see in a 106 year old....

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Spiritual Practice: Making Music

Is making music a spiritual practice? As a child, I remember wanting — pleading! — to be able to learn to make music by way of piano lessons. I would go to sleep listening to my mom play. I turned pages for her as she accompanied the church choir. I loved to listen to her play duets with her grandmother....

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Wisdom Conversations: Clergy, Lay Leaders Combat Ageism in Retreat Day

DUBLIN, Ohio (January 11, 2017) – Central Ohio clergy and lay people participated in the first Wisdom Conversations event sponsored by United Church Homes’ Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging on Jan. 8 at Dublin Community United Church of Christ. The topic, “Aging and Opportunity for Congregations and Ourselves,” included an interdisciplinary discussion featuring facilitators Susan H. McFadden, Ph.D.,...

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Just Breathe!

Just breathe! Breathing along with the beat of one’s heart is an essential, natural phenomenon. It is miraculously and divinely hard-wired within the brainstem at the base of the brain. It is consistent with life from the moment of birth, as evidenced by an amazing deep inhalation followed by a blessedly loud, responsive exhaling cry that celebrates a new beginning....

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Resolutions, Spiritual Practices, New Beginnings

A new year provides an opportunity for a renewed focus on spiritual practices. New Year resolutions have never attracted my attention. Maybe this is because when we make them in January, we begin with gusto only to quit our resolve by mid-February. Never do they seem to continue past March. And yet, there is something about the start of a new...

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Say What?: Facility vs. Community

I do not think that I’d like to live my day-to-day life in a facility. When I hear “facility," my thoughts turn to “sports injury rehabilitation facility” or “state of the art medical care facility.” To be sure, I have spent time in rehabilitation facilities and hospitals. Those places have their purpose, but none of them could ever feel like...

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2017 Annual Symposium

Abundant Aging in the 21st Century

Thank you for joining us October 20, 2017, for the interdisciplinary conversation incorporating current research and everyday experience to help transform the thinking of individuals, communities and the wider society with keynote speaker, Dr. Laura Carstensen.

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